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Zero Search Volume worth seo strategy?

Focus on Zero Search Volume Keywords: A Worthwhile SEO Strategy?

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Table of Contents

The Importance of Zero Search Volume Keywords

Many people question whether SEO strategy should incorporate zero search volume keywords. The simple answer is “yes.” Despite having minimal or even no search volume data, these keywords can pose significant advantages for your business. Let’s delve deeper to understand the reasons behind this.

Building a Site Structure

One of the main reasons to focus on zero search volume keywords is their ability to help in structuring your site. For instance, consider ecommerce sites or those created primarily for branding purposes. These sites typically have a limited number of core web pages and content. Here, keywords (even those with zero search volume), if relevant to your business, can be utilized to create topically pertinent content.

This content not only aids search engine algorithms in understanding your site’s matter but also helps potential customers gain insight into your business and the solutions it provides.

Just remember that ‘zero search volume’ as reported by a tool doesn’t necessarily mean nobody is searching the term. The right content could make you the go-to source for bloggers and journalists looking for information.

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Answering Customer Queries

SEO tools may not know what inquiries your customers have, but your customer support team does. Explore databases of FAQs to identify questions that your customers frequently ask. If customers are consistently posing these questions, there actually is search volume for these terms – which means these are high-intent keywords that could potentially drive more business.

Try creating focused blog posts or adding a how-to video demonstration to provide the desired information. If the question relates directly to the use of a product or service, incorporate the answer in your product/service page text, which could lead to higher conversion rates.

Remarketing vs. Acquisition

Enabling SEO to draw individuals higher up in the sales funnel can allow you to tag them with remarketing pixels. Remarketing to this captured audience could result in substantial savings, as the costs are usually a fraction of the money spent on bidding for popular keywords.

Capturing Larger Audience with Zero Search Volume Keywords

Even if long-tail phrases or questions have no search volume, they might still show up for shorter volume phrases when a search query is made. By creating relevant content for these seemingly zero volume searches, you can potentially replace other resources answering similar queries in the search results.

So, the conclusion?

Yes, targeting zero search volume keywords can indeed be beneficial. However, the caveat is – they must be relevant to your business and its offerings. By doing so, you can boost conversions, harness the benefits across multiple channels, and tap into traffic not accounted for by SEO tools.

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