Sujith Nair

Founder & CEO of Wireframes Digital

From Mumbai's heart, meet Sujith, driven by his love for SEO. He cleverly uses SEO to help the client's websites reach more people and open doors to more business opportunities.

With 15+ years of experience under his belt, he tackles challenges head-on, from things like technical SEO, AI stuff, to formulating top-notch digital plans.
Every business has its hurdles. Sujith gets that. He puts himself in the shoes of his clients, figuring out their issues, and tailors a growth path made just for them, spotlighting their websites on the internet's vast stage.

When he's not in business mode, catch him gaming - Assassins creed & GTA 5 are his favorites. But most important, he enjoys his time being a dad to his son.
In short - he's Sujith, the go-to-guy for pushing your business up the digital ladder while balancing a cool life off-the-clock.

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