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5 Simple Ways To Build Brand Awareness For The Real Estate Industry

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Table of Contents

If real estate companies want to increase their profile and image beyond their geographical boundaries, then they must focus first on building a real estate brand.

But building a real estate brand cannot be achieved overnight. It needs the help of expert SEO services for real estate websites. They may not produce quick conversions immediately. But they are so focused on that they make people aware of your real estate brand.

Enlisting the expert services of top SEO Company in Mumbai like Wireframes Digital, must be the first step towards that. It will help to employ effective real estate Digital Marketing tactics that optimize for impressions and views. This will eventually work to increasing and spreading brand awareness.

5 Simple Ways

If you’re looking to building a real estate brand then here are five simple ways that can increase its awareness.

Video Marketing

When listings and other information are shared through videos, video marketing can dramatically build awareness for your real estate brand. What makes it so impactful is it allows you to create more authentic visual content; and also offers varied platforms to share the videos.

YouTube ads are another excellent way to build awareness for the real estate industry. The ads can be targeted at a wider audience across geographical boundaries, within no time. They are far more engaging and informative when compared to traditional methods. More photos and details can be featured in a video ad of even 30 minute duration. Additionally, the visual assets can be well-supplemented with lifestyle footage which can be found on platforms like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock.

The very fact that a YouTube ad enjoys a 31.9 percent viewing says it all. The audience can be reached anywhere anytime, even during their housing search journey.

Social Ads On Social Platforms

A part of Social Media Marketing, Social Ads on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc, is an effective way to building a real estate brand. They help to advertise your real estate brand and listings effectively in a way that will reach the right audience at the right time. Today, a number of real estate companies use it and it has proven to show great results.

However, healthy results do not come overnight. It is important to plan what kind of social media marketing will be effective in realizing your marketing goals. For instance, social ads for apartments or villas on Facebook and Instagram offer targeting capabilities that are identical to YouTube. Additionally, they also allow your real estate brand to reach the right audience on any of the digital spaces where they happen to spend the most time.

Another way to building a real estate brand and reach prospects is Traffic Ads on Facebook and Instagram. Traffic Ads are said to focus on facilitating traffic drive to your real estate website. This means people who click get the chance to learn more about your real estate brand and properties.

If you’re looking to optimize your real estate brand, there is Carousel Ads. They offer a deeper way for users to engage with your ad by scrolling through the images, even when the users’ are not ready to click through to your real estate website. This way, better brand awareness is built.

Customized Stickers

Customized stickers are a relatively simple way to reach out to prospects. What makes them so effective in building a real estate brand is they are liked by everyone. Real estate brands prefer them as they help to draw in potential business while customers’ like them as they don’t cost much to obtain.

But they cannot succeed on own unless the stickers are memorable enough to not only increase brand awareness but also stay functional enough to be cherished for long. Towards this end, mascot, logo, or slogan can be turned into customized die-cut stickers. Such stickers tend to feel and look different when amongst a stack of business cards or flyers. Once they achieve that status, they can trend their way to personalize laptops or notebooks or even water bottles and caps. This makes them a great way to advertise on-the-go building a real estate brand.

Live Webinars

Live webinars on your own website is a great way to keep your audience engaged. This will not only help building a real estate brand but also help build a better relationship with your audience.

They help to generate more leads and also help to directly market your properties to the audience. Additionally, they also allow your real estate brand to address and touch upon important topics. The queries of potential customers’ can be effectively answered and their doubts on your real estate products and services clarified efficiently.

Wall Decals

It is said for building a real estate brand, branding must begin in the office. This can however be effective only if your real estate brand has a logo or mascot that’s easily recognizable.

Branding in office spaces will help to not only advertise your properties but also help to transmit your business’ core values. This can be done through customized wall decals of logo or mascots online. It is not only a simple way to build brand awareness but also an economical way to get big size murals into your office space. As a result, visitors and property owners will get the message that your real estate brand values consistency in all areas of business practices.

Going local is the easiest way to building a real estate brand and increasing brand awareness for the real estate industry. This process should include setting-up a booth or table at a local event or fair or getting highlighted in local print or online media. This will help to build a real estate brand in a way the branding will reach as many places as is possible in the local community.

To communicate to potential customers’, it is important to have your real estate website ranked high in SERPs. This will highlight your real estate website and be recognized by people who matter. However, this can be made possible only with the help of a top SEO company in Mumbai like Wireframes Digital known for high-class SEO services for real estate websites.


Building a real estate brand cannot be achieved effectively without Digital Marketing.

What makes Digital Marketing so indispensable is it allows real estate brands to reach an incredibly broad audience. This is made possible with the assistance of a top SEO company in Mumbai like Wireframes Digital.

Leveraging its expert SEO services for real estate websites, Wireframes Digital can not only make your real estate website recognizable in your geographical area but also beyond it through the online medium.  This will eventually increase brand awareness and help build a real estate brand that truly reflects your real estate brand’s image.


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