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SEO Tips For Jewellery Stores

Best SEO Tips For Jewellery Stores

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Table of Contents

Just having a website for your jewellery store will not bring it good business online or even offline.

It also needs to be ranked higher-up, that is, ranked 1st page, on SERPs (search engine ranking pages) as well. This is where SEO (search engine optimization) plays a critical role.

SEO while being a great strategy is not an easy one to craft and execute. To make it easy, enlisting the SEO services of a top SEO agency in Mumbai like Wireframes Digital will be beneficial for your jewellery business.


Best SEO Tips

The higher your website ranks in search results, the more it will be easily found and recognized. 

Here are some beneficial SEO tips that will help to boost your website’s rankings in SERPs, and catch users’ attention instantly.


Do A Thorough Keyword Research

It’s well known by now that keywords are used by users to conduct searches online, and obtain a list of results that are relevant to their queries.

Hence, it’s vital that specific keywords relevant to searches for jewelery business are used. If appropriate keywords are used, then your jewellery business will appear in searches.

To find the appropriate keywords relevant to jewellery business, you must do a keyword research. Leveraging the best of several keyword research tools, you can easily figure out and obtain the right keywords for your SEO campaign.

Keyword research should focus on

  • Long tail keywords. This type contains three or more words. Some good examples include ‘Best Jewellers near Worli, Mumbai’, or ‘Jewellery Stores in Bandra, Mumbai’.
  • Short tail keywords. This type contains only one or two words. Some good examples include ‘Mumbai Jewellers’, or ‘Jewellery Mumbai’.

The focus is best done on long-tail keywords for they indicate search intent in most cases. That’s because when someone searches for a jewellery store in Mumbai, they will be looking at specific jewellery stores in specific area or areas in the city. Overall, users’ will be looking a range of different things with the focus on what they are seeking out. That said, long-tail keywords when compared to short-tail keywords in most cases tell exactly what the users’ hope to find. Eventually, you will also be able to obtain more qualified leads interested in your jewellery business and better results for your campaign.


Integrate Relevant Keywords

The next step after selection of the appropriate keywords should focus on integrating them into your website’s pages.

This should be done because when your website is crawled by Google, its search bots will look for keywords to understand the purpose of the website’s pages. The keywords will need to be well-integrated into the website’s pages to make them sound meaningful to the search bots.

The keywords must be integrated in places like the page titles; headings; body texts; and meta descriptions. If done properly, they will ensure Google ranks your site’s pages higher in search results.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that keywords are not overused when they are integrated into the site’s pages. If done, it will cause what’s called ‘keyword stuffing’ which will negatively affect your website’s ranking in the SERPs. This will be the consequence of punishment by Google which will think you are wantedly overusing keywords for ranking reasons. As a result of this, Google will punish your website and downgrade its ranking on the SERPs.

Hence, make sure to use keywords in your website’s pages where they fit in naturally, are needed, and will serve the purpose they are meant for. Overusing them must be avoided even when additional copies are being created for your website’s pages.


Build Proper Links

Link building is best divided into:


SEO will be incomplete without backlinks which refer to links to website pages from reputed third-party websites.

They help to

  • Improve your SEO ranking and position your website higher-up in the SERPs.
  • Boost user-traffic flow to your website.
  • Build trust in your website and acknowledge its authority.

When Google looks for authority websites linking to your website, it will recognize your website’s importance and acknowledge its information is useful and reliable. This acknowledgement will translate into its ranking your website higher-up in the SERPs thereby helping more users’ to find your website and the information they are looking for.

The trick to earn quality backlinks lies in ensuring your website has quality content. Herein, content can include not just website content, but also content for blogs, video, infographics, etc. Whatever be the category of content it should be industry-related.

Appropriate content will help in attracting authority sites to check it out. In case, your content is found favorable then the authority sites will use it as a resource on their own sites. This way, your site can earn more backlinks. This in turn will boost your jewellery website’s ranking on SERPs.


Internal Links

It is vital to build good internal links as well. They refer to links attached to your site’s pages like product page; pricing page; contact us page; or such likes relevant pages, and are helpful for keeping users’ engaged on the site for longer periods of time. This in turn will attract more leads. Additionally, they are also good for convincing users’ to convert into customers‘.

If the audience happens to spend more time on your jewellery website then Google will recognize the uniqueness of it and acknowledge the information on the site pages is vital. This in turn will boost your site’s ranking on SERPs and enable more people to find it and get to the information they are seeking out.

Let us take your jewellery website as an example. It contains web pages detailing different necklaces merits in-depth. Now, when users’ want to read content on or buy a particular type of necklace, they will automatically guided to the site page containing details regarding the necklace type. Then later, the site page will guide them to ‘Contact Us’ page which will encourage them to call or mail your staff immediately.

Additionally, the web pages will also help search engines to discover them and index them later. This will allow the new website pages to be ranked for your keywords. All of these will eventually keep your leads engaged and facilitate more conversions.

Develop SEO-friendly Content

The content of your jewellery website should be SEO-friendly. This will help it to be ranked for a range of keywords or topic you have selected and would like your website to rank for.

Towards this end, you should

  • Conduct quick Google search for keywords or topic you would like your site to be ranked for.
  • Check what types of contents are ranking.

Once done properly, then the next move must be to write a blog post or develop a sales page that will provide the answers to the questions users’ pose.

Let us take an example herein. A customer in Mumbai is searching for a jewellery store to buy a wedding ring. The first thing he/she would naturally do is to conduct a Google search and type the keywords – ‘wedding rings Mumbai’.

Once the keywords are typed, Google will come up with organic listings of WEDDING RINGS Mumbai. The site page that gets organically ranked number one is a listing website that will guide users’ to jewellery stores selling wedding rings in Mumbai.

If the web page happens to be popular, you can create a blog post revolving around wedding rings Mumbai with the title as ‘The Best Place to Buy Wedding Rings in Mumbai’.

Having a good product description will also help your website’s ranking. If customization services are offered then it should also be included in the description. The content inclusive of keywords if it’s unique will be all the more better. This will get more users’ attracted to the site page



The jewellery business is a competitive one. Its success in the digital world of today rests predominantly on proper marketing. This is where SEO plays a key role.

SEO is a great technique. If used wisely and properly, then your jewellery business will earn more qualified traffic and leads. By enlisting the SEO services of a reputed SEO Agency in Mumbai like Wireframes Digital, your website can rank higher-up in SERPs and reap the benefits that comes with quality SEO.

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