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How To Develop Seo-Friendly Headlines That Fuels Clicks & Traffic?

How To Develop Seo-Friendly Headlines That Fuels Clicks & Traffic?

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According to SEO famous business leader Adam Audette, 

“Today it’s not about ‘Get the TRAFFIC & CLICKS’, – it’s about ‘Get the targeted and relevant TRAFFIC AND CLICKS’.”

To guarantee targeted and relevant clicks and traffic, your content needs a quality SEO-friendly headline.

Though SEO helps your site rank in the search results; and SEO-friendly content that works for the algorithm and make it happen; eventually it is SEO-friendly headlines that will improve your site’s or blog’s click-through rate which in turn will fuel more user-traffic to your site or blog.

The importance of SEO-friendly headlines is such that according to Copyblogger, a leading online content marketing source, eight out of ten people read a headline while just two people will read the content.

To develop SEO-friendly headlines that are compelling enough to entice user-traffic, you require the expertise of a leading SEO Agency in Mumbai or elsewhere. A top SEO Agency in Bangalore like Wireframes Digital possesses the expertise to create SEO-friendly headlines that generates instant impression.


To develop SEO headlines that not only appeals to search engines but also appeals to the audience, the SEO headlines must..


SEO-friendly headlines must possess the power to draw potential readers and convince them to understand its significance and read the content. For instance, if you want people to read your website content or blog or newsletter, it must have a headline that is SEO-friendly and enticing enough to make readers want to read the copy that follows it.

In a busy world, people generally have short attention spans and are prone to take quick decisions. This is all the more when they are online. To grab their eyeballs and hold their attention, a compelling headline will get the readers interested; set positive expectations from the start; and give them the value they look for and compel them to read the content contained, whether it’s in the website or blog or newsletter.

SEO experts believe to be SEO-friendly; headlines must contain words that convey emotions; and phrases that generate curiosity among potential readers. The headline must summarize the content’s story in a way that will drive the potential reader traffic to click, and know the whole thing.

If you are curious how many clicks the headline generated, just measure the click-through rate. This will help you to measure and know the number of clicks.

Develop SEO-Friendly Headlines


It is important to know your audience, understand their thoughts, and think like them to create not only SEO-friendly headlines but also create impact-making content and later optimizing them for SEO.

SEO-friendly headline must not only be optimized but also must be creative and sound meaningful enough to a reader else it will not be able to realize its full potential. In other words, the headline must be what the reader has in his/her mind and reflect his/her thoughts. Ensure that it strikes the right balance between writing for a computer and writing for a human. This way, it will strike the right chord with both the computer and person; and eventually get the person to click on it and read the content copy that makes it up.


A headline must contain appropriate keywords to make it SEO-friendly. As an integral part of any SEO strategy, keyword research helps in researching a combination of search terms and long-tail keyword phrases. This will help to arrive at the appropriate keywords that users use to type in Google’s search result box.

Generally, the keywords must be terms that someone types in the search result box. This will help them to find your content in website or blog or newsletter, and answer their need.

There are two ways to estimate keywords. One is to hazard a guess about what phrases Google guesses and what searches does it recommends to be conducted next. This will give an insight into what the searcher has in mind and might type in Google search result box.

Another way is to leverage Google’s ‘People also ask’ feature. This will help throw up queries which suggest other potential search terms that users’ may have in mind. Both will help in understanding users’ behavior and what terms they could be thinking.

Aside from the two ways, SEO experts also recommend reading-up competitor’s reviews or own reviews to make out what customers’ have to say; or simply try to discover and guess what could be the most popular and relevant search terms and phrases that readers generally use.


After your keyword research process is over, reduce the keyword list to keywords that are likely to create opportunities. In addition, also try to look-up data regarding search volume, competition, and other indicators that create opportunities.

Here in, undertake a SERP analysis. This will answer any questions you may have in mind like ‘are there any local results?’ or does the existing SERP come with a featured snippet; or are reviews a part of the SERP. Also, try to leverage Google Search Console. This will help to identify SEO opportunities; and also look-up common phrases used for voice-search.

Once you have arrived at a list of final keywords or phrases, try to infuse them into the headline. While doing so, make sure that it will in no way will compromise the quality and readability of the headline copy. Finally, try to match and answer a specific search query. This will help to intimate search engines that your content is appropriate for the specific keyword or phrase.


Finally, with everything set, you will be confronted with the hardest part, that is, developing a headline that is not only compelling but also effective enough to be optimized for SEO.

Along the way, remember like your own entity, there could be scores of entities doing keyword research and analysis of keyword data.

This will make you ask – how to separate my entity from the crowd or make it a standout in a crowd?

According to top research firm, Search Insights, the top three organic results generally attract click-through rates ranging from 12 percent to 30 percent. Keeping this in mind, ensure to develop a headline with powerful adjectives and unique in the sense it gets readers captivated.

A great headline is one that is simple sans gibberish stuff; inspires emotions, negative as well as positive; sets the right tone and expectations; and makes people to click and driven to engage with the content copy. If you still feel confused, just look-up proven headline writing formulas and select the best one that fits your need.

If you still feel the need for help then get-in-touch with Wireframes Digital, a top SEO Agency in Bangalore. You will find people who can produce compelling SEO-friendly headlines and create fabulous SEO-friendly content marketing campaigns.


SEO-friendly headline will unlock the way to drive more clicks and traffic.

Be mindful of the fact that Google generates alternative titles to make headlines more accessible and readable. So, always follow the best of SEO practices for developing SEO-friendly headlines.


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