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How Much Does SEO Cost in India

How Much Does SEO Cost in India?

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In today’s digitized world, 93% of customer interactions online begin with a simple search engine query.  In many cases, they often begin with no specific brand name in mind. To get noticed by Google and also catch searchers’ attention, you need to look at integrating proper SEO elements into your website. For that to happen, you would be better off partnering with a top SEO agency in India. But this leads to the most common questions a business owner would ask– How much does SEO cost in India?

There is no one answer to this question. Generally, a good SEO agency in India will charge anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 INR per month. But this is not an exact figure since your SEO costs will depend on factors such as the SEO agency you choose, their pricing models, your specific service requirements, and more.

If you are planning on making your business more visible online with the help of an SEO company, then read on to find out exactly how much SEO will cost you in India.


SEO agencies, like many other service providers, offer different types of pricing structures. Depending on the length of your project, the size of your company, or the time you want to invest, you can opt for various types of pricing models. And if you do not choose the right model for your needs, there is a chance that your SEO bills might seem too high. So, before asking how much does SEO cost in India, you need to ask yourself which pricing model you will be choosing. These are the most common models provided by SEO agencies in India.


    As the name suggests, in this model, a customer pays an SEO agency a fixed rate by the hour. This could range anywhere from 500-1000 INR for an SEO specialist, 300-1500 INR for an SEO writer, 500-1500 INR for a web developer,  and even more when you go with a professional SEO agency instead of freelancers. The number of hours spent on the project and the specific SEO services rendered during this time will influence the hourly rate.

    However, because SEO is a long-term process and the time period slot for this model is very limited, it is very rarely used by professional agencies. It can also be quite expensive in the long term for beginner businesses that unknowingly choose this pricing model without realizing that SEO cannot be successful in a couple of hours.


    This is the most popular and sought-after SEO pricing model, in India as well as in countries like the U.S. and the UK, and therefore, the primary pricing model offered by established SEO agencies. Under this SEO pricing model, the customer pays a fixed monthly amount for carrying out SEO work on the website, the SEO services rendered during the month, as well as the end-to-end management of the SEO campaign.

    So how much does SEO cost in India on a monthly basis? Well, this could vary depending on the agency you choose, the services you need, and the type of industry you belong to. On average, a professional SEO company in India will charge anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 INR.

    Aside from this, the monthly SEO pricing model comes with packages that offer additional services like keyword research, competitor research analysis, link building, technical and content marketing audits, SEO-friendly content writing, technical consultation, and SEO-related insights. SEO agencies might even offer customized monthly plans for an agreed price.

    Because of its stable pricing mechanism and the number of services offered, the monthly SEO pricing model is the most economically feasible and effective option for businesses. Many businesses seek it with the intention of a long-term partnership with the SEO agency.


    This SEO pricing model involves payment of a lump-sum amount (one-off fee) for a specific SEO project.

    Businesses and individuals who prefer this SEO pricing model, are those who are clear about their project requirements and goals without making more changes during the actual work. The best part about this pricing model is the customization possibility. This pricing model is commonly used by SEO freelancers, small SEO agencies, and rarely, depending on client requirements, by the larger agencies.

    In U.S. dollar terms, the average SEO charges can range from $1,000 to $1 million and upwards. The final amount agreed upon depends upon the nature of the SEO project, its duration, and the number of services agreed upon.

    SEO agency in India | Pricing


This is another question you need to find the answer to before asking how much does SEO cost in India. Whatever the SEO pricing model you choose, the final SEO pricing can be impacted by different factors including, but not limited to the following.


The industry your business is related to plays a key role in the price you will be paying for SEO. That is, what kind of industry your business comes under and what kind of business it exactly does. The final SEO pricing is largely based on how many monthly searches a specific industry attracts and has.

Certain industry categories like finance, car mechanics and repairs, medical offices, electronics, etc. are more likely to market online than others and hence are competitive. Similarly, there are other categories like real estate, software business, marketing services, home improvements, etc, that require highly competitive keywords and specialized services, making them even more expensive. A great example is a company that attracts thousands of searches a month for its services. Such companies tend to spend more on SEO packages to outrank their competitors.


The size of your business also matters. If your business is big and operating at an enterprise level, then it will require the best SEO strategy to outrank your competition, which only the best SEO agencies can offer. These agencies factor in the size and goals of your business along with the revenue it generates per year or even per month when arriving at the final SEO charge.

Additionally, SEO agencies charge more for niche business categories that use longer keyword phrases and additional keywords with lower competition.


The geographic location where your business is located matters a lot in SEO, especially if you are a brick-and-mortar store with an online presence. The specific area of the region that is being targeted and the size of the population in the area plays a key role. Suppose you have a clothing business in a popular shopping area, then chances are that although there might be more customers, there will also be more competition. This means you will need better SEO services to make sure you stand out, further affecting its costs.

The costs for localized SEO packages are generally more in big cities or heavily concentrated metropolitan areas, than in small towns and cities. This is because there is more competition to look out for in a saturated market.


SEO agencies with more expertise and experience charge more than small startups. If they are popular in a particular niche, or well-established by working with popular brands then their prices will go higher again. However, the results keep on getting better the more you are willing to spend on these agencies.

Moreover, the location of your SEO provider could also influence their charges. In big, concentrated cities, SEO will cost you much more than in an area where people don’t rely much on the internet. The SEO provider of your choice might also charge higher for specific niches where their expertise is needed. For instance, a specialized real estate SEO agency will charge you more for this particular niche service.


Often in many cases, SEO pricing is determined by what you are hoping to achieve using SEO. Are you trying to get your website optimized for organic search and build up a review profile? Are you looking for someone to build backlinks? Are you looking for keyword-optimized original content? Whether you are looking for any one service or a bundle, the price will also be set accordingly.

Now, if your business is looking to merely set up Google My Business Accounts and optimize the site tags, then it would require a one-time cost for a project. On the other hand, if your business would also like to have a robust blog presence and wants to achieve a higher SERP ranking, then a monthly SEO pricing model would make for an ideal choice.


The level of brand awareness and visibility your business enjoys presently plays a key role in influencing the final SEO charges. Generally, SEO pricing tends to change in line with the present level of brand appeal, awareness, and visibility.

If your business is still working its way up and the brand has a modest appeal then the SEO charges will be moderate. Similarly, if it has a huge brand appeal and visibility with an established search presence, the focus will be more on content optimization and maintenance which in turn means higher SEO charges.

Factors play a role SEO Pricing in India


As we discussed above, there are a lot of factors that go into determining SEO charges. A final estimate of your costs will be provided by the SEO agency you choose after considering all these factors and your goals.

To begin with, your business will need to provide certain information like the existing status of your search presence, your average revenue per sale, the close rate of your leads to sales, your campaign goals, and so on. This will help the SEO agency to gauge the kind of SEO services you require, the duration of your project, and the kind of contract you will need. The more SEO services you need and the more results you expect, the higher will your SEO charges be. So if you ask “how much does SEO cost in India?” without any of these details, there is no way to provide an accurate answer. SEO charges vary from customer to customer, even in the same SEO agency.


With several factors playing a role in SEO pricing and so many options being offered by SEO agencies, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your budget. Moreover, with hundreds of mediocre SEO companies offering cheap results online, you need to play it safe for your business.

Before settling on an SEO agency, you must work out how much you are willing to spend on SEO and then stick to this budget. It is important to understand that budget-friendly shouldn’t mean cheap, especially when it comes to SEO. Instead of looking for the cheapest option, you need to find the most reputed SEO company that fits your fixed budget. As the best SEO agency in India, Wireframes Digital is committed to helping our clients calculate their ROIs and set realistic SEO goals in a cost-effective manner.

Whatever your eventual decision might be, remember that with over 5.6 billion searches happening on Google every day and most people not opting to go beyond the first search page of Google, it is almost necessary to invest in the right  SEO agency in India to stay relevant online.

SEO Pricing


Even with so much progress in SEO technologies, it is difficult to exactly estimate the precise SEO charges for any particular company without analyzing all the factors involved. So, what you need to do is carefully weigh all the factors and insights that go into SEO to make your own calculations. This is the only right answer to “how much does SEO cost in India?”, the first question that every business asks once they are sure about investing in SEO services.

So, in conclusion, you must weigh your SEO and ROI goals to work out a budget that you can comfortably spend before consulting the best agencies who work at the price. You can get an estimate quote from the SEO agency before deciding to proceed with them.

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