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Upcoming Google's Core Web Vitals Update: Whats new!

Upcoming Google’s Core Web Vitals Update: Whats new!

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Table of Contents

Okay, so Google, much like our unpredictable weather patterns, is always throwing something new at the world of web analytics. This time, they’ve decided to kick First Input Delay (FID) into the history books and welcome Interaction to Next Paint (INP).

Google Spells It Out

On March 12, 2024, Google with a sort of secret ceremony, decided that INP would take the throne from FID in the realm of Core Web Vitals.

  • No more FID, you’ll now be seeing INP doing the rounds.

“Interaction to Next Paint”: What’s That?

Think of using a website like having a conversation. A pause in response from a website, is like someone stopping mid-sentence. Kind of annoying, right? That’s what INP measures.

  • INP uses the Event Timing API details to assess how responsive your webpage is.
  • It keeps track of how a page responds to a user’s interaction, then gives you a single score for the entire experience.

Understanding INP Better

For example, let’s say there’s a webpage with this slick accordion widget. A user goes to open the accordion, but there’s a delay. This can lead to the user pushing the button over and over, thinking something’s jammed, and then poof, the accordion opens and closes on its own. That, my friend, is poor INP.

What’s in it for You?

Because of this handover from FID to INP, Google Search Console is going to get a makeover.

  • Instead of FID, you’ll see INP taking the spotlight from March 12, 2024.
  • And later that year, you’ll notice the Core Web Vitals report including the INP camaraderie.

SEO Has a New Favorite

Now, SEO geeks are used to bobbing and weaving with Google’s constant updates. While the shift from FID to INP will make things shake a bit, Google has been kind to provide a guide on how to make friends with INP.

Prepping for the Change

Google wasn’t all sneaky about this update though. They gave us a heads up way back last year when they added the INP metrics to the Search Console. They’ve given us enough time to get cozy with these metrics.

Caution: Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Metrics could be intimidating and powerful but remember, they’re not everything. Even Google agrees that the Web Vitals are just one side of the coin when it comes to enhancing site page experience.

  • What’s the main objective? To create user-friendly, snappy, and delightful websites.
  • Let these numbers guide, not dictate, your site development strategies.

To Sum it Up

Google giving INP the FID’s crown in the Core Web Vitals kingdom means you got a new game to play. The golden rule though remains the same. It’s not about chasing after metrics. It’s about ensuring your user has an awesome experience on your site.

So, check out your INP score, find where your website can step it up, but don’t forget what it’s all really about: exceeding user expectations and giving them a smooth, fast, and satisfying digital adventure.

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