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Instagram’s Expansion of Cutout Sticker Feature to Include Videos

Instagram’s Expansion of Cutout Sticker Feature to Include Videos

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Table of Contents

Introduction of Video Cutouts

Instagram has extended its recently added Cutout sticker feature by including video content, allowing users to formulate animated stickers using any video clip posted within the application.

Jonah Manzano revealed these updates with a screenshot that demonstrates how, apart from still images, GIFs from videos can also be isolated now.

Application of Video Cutout: A Practical Example

A practical example was shared by Jonah Manzano, showing the new feature in use.

This feature brings a wealth of creative options by forming individual stickers from various post elements which users can then repeatedly share in their Stories and Reels.

Limitations to Consider

Just like still image stickers, in order to make a sticker from a post, the content creator has to post publicly. They also need to enable permissions for other users to create cutouts from their content. This is opted in by default, however, users can turn this off to prevent others from re-purposing their images.

One significant limitation is that if a user forms a cutout sticker from someone else’s posts, and the original user deletes the post, the sticker will also be lost.

Despite these considerations, the update could stimulate more creativity and explore new avenues for visuals utilization within the application.

Curiosity Regarding New Video Sticker Use

It is speculated that the new video sticker option could instigate new trends within the application. Observing how people utilize this new feature would be intriguing.

Rollout Information

The new sticker cutout feature is currently being released to all Instagram users.


  • Instagram enhances its Cutout sticker feature to now encompass videos, expanding user creativity.
  • Animated stickers can be generated using any video clip uploaded on the app, as highlighted by Jonah Manzano.
  • Users can create numerous stickers from post elements to use in Stories and Reels.
  • Stickers are only creatable from public posts, and original content creators must have allowed cutout permissions (which is enabled by default).
  • Stickers linked to another user’s post will disappear if the original post is deleted.
  • The update is expected to spawn new trends and creative uses within the Instagram platform.
  • The rollout of this new feature is unfolding to all Instagram users globally.

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