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Google Tests Price Slider Filter in Search for Product Results

Google Tests Price Slider Filter in Search for Product Results

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Google is experimenting with a price slider feature for certain queries where refining search results by price seems appropriate. The company has previously implemented price range sliders for products and price slider filters for hotels. However, this is the first time they are testing it for general product search results.

Price Slider Filter Spotted

Shameem Adhikarath noticed the price slider filter and shared a video of it on social media. A GIF was created to demonstrate the filter in action:

The price filter now appears at the top of the search results on mobile devices.

Limited Availability

Not everyone can replicate this search experience, as it seems to be a limited test by Google. If successful, this feature could provide users with a more streamlined search experience while looking for products within a specific price range.

Discussion and Feedback

Let us know in below comments, if you have received such update on your google search results and how was your experience?

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