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Google Enforcing New Email Rules Next Month for Bulk Senders

Google Enforcing New Email Rules Next Month for Bulk Senders

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Table of Contents

Stricter Guidelines for Email Marketers

Google is set to enforce new rules for businesses and groups that send large volumes of emails to Gmail accounts starting next month. Initially announced in October, these new policies aim to reduce spam and make email more secure.

New Standards for Bulk Email

Entities that send over 5,000 emails per day to Gmail addresses must now follow specific guidelines:

  1. Authenticate your messages: Bulk email senders must authenticate their messages using protocols like SPF, DKIM, or DMARC, to validate that the emails come from the claimed sender and establish trustworthiness.
  2. One-click unsubscribe: Gmail now requires high-volume email senders to give recipients an easy, one-click option to unsubscribe. Senders must comply with unsubscribe requests within two business days.
  3. Maintain a clear spam threshold: Bulk senders must stay under a spam threshold set by Google to avoid having their emails marked as spam. Those who exceed the limit risk having their emails filtered out as spam.

Preparing for February Deadline

Google believes most reputable companies already follow suitable email practices, also known as “email hygiene.” However, for businesses that require assistance with implementing these rules, the following guidance is offered:

  • Use a trusted email-sending service.
  • Keep your email list updated, removing people who are inactive or not engaged.
  • Separate your list into different segments to make emails more targeted and relevant.
  • Personalize the content of emails to improve engagement and reduce spam reports.
  • Allow easy unsubscribing from emails.

Companies with over 5,000 subscribers on their email list must comply with these new requirements by February. However, businesses with smaller email lists can also benefit from adopting the new standards, as it can improve email deliverability.

Looking Ahead

While Google’s new requirements may not be a perfect solution, the company believes that they will help to reduce spam and abuse. Email marketers who adhere to the new rules will be able to continue reaching their subscribers effectively.

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