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Google Bard Steps Up Its Game with Image Generation

Google Bard Steps Up Its Game with Image Generation

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Table of Contents

So, in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Google has decided once again to make us go ‘wow!’. This time, it’s by introducing a new image generation feature on Google Bard.

The Announcement and Why It Matters

In an announcement that’s got tech enthusiasts buzzing, Google revealed that Bard now has a free image generation feature. Currently, it’s available for most countries and in English.

Why is this a game-changer? Well, AI image generation tools have undergone several improvements in the past year with examples like Midjourney, DALL-E, and Bing Chat/Copilot blazing the trail. Now, Google Bard jumps into the mix, offering a free and fun way to create alluring visual content.

How to Work the Magic

It’s all pretty simple. You punch in a description for the image you want (like “create an image of a dog riding a surfboard”). Bard then conjures up four images based on your prompt, with the possibility of generating even more.

Google Bard has also shared several examples of images generated.

Meet the Brain Behind It: Imagen 2

Google Bard’s new image generation feature runs on a model called Imagen 2. Google promises that Imagen 2 will churn out top-notch, hyper-realistic images. Judging from the examples Google Bard showcased, they seem to be true to their word.

A Talk About Watermarks and Content Limits

Using Bard for your image generation does come with a little catch. All images generated will be marked with a SyntID digital watermark.

Also, not EVERYTHING goes on Bard. Google has made it clear that Bard will have limitations when it comes to generating violent, offensive, and sexually explicit content. Also, there will be filters to prevent generating images of named individuals.

To Wrap it Up

Google Bard’s new move to include an image generation feature seals its spot as not just a text generation tool. This is indeed a massive step forward that will help enhance the quality and diversity of visual content available. It’s simple, it’s fun, and most importantly, it’s free. So, get your creative prompts ready as Google Bard is ready to turn them into visual art.


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