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Digital Marketing in Hospitality Industry

Digital Marketing in Hospitality Industry

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Table of Contents

Digital marketing and hospitality industry their horizons are wide and dynamic

Let’s take a look at how beneficial Digital Marketing is for Hospitality Industry. Our new method of familiarising with a place nowadays depends mostly on web surfing. Sometimes we decide to visit a place based on our search results. 

Right from the moment, we start to think about a journey we approach our most convenient method to research it.

 In this generation of technological reign, it is obvious that we reach out to the network to guide us. 

The first step in a tour is finalizing our destination; then we book our travel ticket, look for places to visit adventure activities, romantic spots, unique things to see, and whatnot. Everything is based on the reviews we get. 

This is where Digital Marketing comes to play its role.

Digital Marketing

Within a few years, Digital marketing has made a remarkable change in the marketing industry in the promotion of products or brands online. 

This new medium has opened new channels for selling products, social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), advertising on Google and online magazines by search engine marketing (SEM), video marketing through YouTube and websites.

Digital Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, food, and drink service, event planning, theme parks, travel, and tourism. It includes hotels, tourism agencies, restaurants, and bars. 

For such a broad category Digital Marketing can do multiple tasks. With the digital platform, competition in the hospitality industry from intermediaries like travel agents, tour operators has increased because they are one of the sources who bring a guest to the hotel. 

With help of their advertisement media and their behaviours in determining their customer search according to location and facilities and also based on the intensity of market competition and along with those searching hotels through online by computers and mobile with the hotel, websites is also increasing. 

The new trend of web searching has changed the marketing industry opening up a wide range of possibilities.

What can digital marketing do to in the hospitality industry?

To get a better idea let’s take an example of a recently married man in Mumbai.

He wishes to go to Kerala for his honeymoon but he doesn’t know anything about the place but he has a reliable and accessible source to get the information he needs the internet. When he looks for romantic spots in Kerala from Mumbai. 

He will be searching “Best romantic places to visit in Kerala”. The result from the SEO company in India comes up and the magic begins.

Everything and anything with the help of Digital Marketing in growing our business.

      Once we search, a lot of information will gather up. We will never settle for the second-best so the click will be directed to the first result that appears on the first page, and through search engine optimization which is a part of digital marketing we can bring your website the most visited.
The contents of your website will be the information that the user gathers.

       After taking the visitor from Mumbai to our website, we give him a detailed tour of the romantic destinations in Kerala where we can suggest to him the fairy-tale staying options he dreams of.

       From our website, we can redirect him to other pages, websites and even connect a call to the hotels, resorts, or show other staying options.

      Typical methods of catching a business can be done without much effort and effective way. Gardens, beaches, overnight camping, trekking, boating, local store shopping, heritage museums, street food, romantic candlelight dinners we can give him the list of activities and plan his trip without even having a conversation with him.

      This is the potential of digital Marketing in the Hospitality industry.

Digital marketing for hospital industry

  • Because of search engine optimization, we were able to direct him to our website and their high readable contents were waiting for him.
  • The contents gave him a guide to what he was looking for. It encouraged him to take an action. The information in the content can be in the form of words, pictures, videos, suggestions even reviews, etc.
  • After that, we directed him to hotel booking and the associated backlinks. His entire trip was panned within a short time and various options.

What can we offer through digital marketing?

Travelers are of different types.

  • Some like to visit a place during the holiday season while some prefer not a rush hour.
  • Some prefer nightlife.
  • Some are traveling souls land like to be nomadic.
  • Some look for parties and pubs.
  • Some enjoy the sun falling into the sea but others want to see the sunrise on the hilltop.

Whatever they want as a consultant we should give them that. Then only we can create happy customers and digital marketing will do this work in the hospitality industry.

The requirement of a family in a journey will be different from that of a group of friends. Their budget, mode of travel, shopping ideas, engaging with the locality, taste inclinations everything will be different.

The things we look on a tour will be a place to stay, to get a taste of the indigenous culture, something adventurous, a memory forever and something special in that place. By giving required content, user profiles, managing citations, and search results, we create a marketing strategy with the results our customers need.

If you are to collect all this information it is going to be a long conversation and you are going to need a lot of time to convince the person.

Digital marketing in the hospitality industry is going to do all this work for you

  • An excellent event planner.
  • A persuasive receptionist.
  • A good agent.
  • A scholar.

More than all the roles digital marketing takes gives infinitive options to the visitor that means you get a forever customer who would even recommend you to other potential customers and will benefit in the growth and development of your business.  

 Some prefer a luxurious stay while others want an economical stay. The purpose of a tour will be different. A spiritual journey, a break from the hectic schedule, just for chilling, a destination function whatever they demand the information that a guide can give has a limitation but the search engine can provide multiple suggestions. Through digital marketing in the field of the hospitality industry, we can perform multitasks by staying in a single space.


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